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Fatal Lafayette car accident leaves loved ones asking why

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

A young mother was killed in a car accident early last month and her friends are wondering why the driver has not yet been held responsible. A spokesperson for the Lafayette Police Department said that although the driver of the other vehicle did submit to a blood test at a hospital after the fatal accident on June 9th, the results are not back yet and police cannot charge a suspect until there is actual evidence of drunk driving. The victim’s family members and friends are left wondering why the delay in toxicology tests in the case.

Loved ones want to know why the apparent negligence this driver showed when he crossed the center line on a Youngsville Highway and crashed head-onto into the victim’s car is not enough to make him responsible for her death. The driver was alleged to have had an open container in his vehicle and was cited for driving on the wrong side of the road, according video news reports included in the story.

Although not necessarily relevant to this current case, reporters also indicated the driver, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, had been charged with OWI in the past. In the absence of criminal charges, family members may wish to pursue a civil case in the form of a wrongful death claim against the driver on behalf of the deceased mother’s 5-year-old daughter. A successful wrongful death claim could provide some compensation to help surviving family members adjust to their loss, including funeral expenses and future lost wages the victim may have earned.

A civil action may also provide the family with some solace in knowing the driver seemingly at fault in causing the crash will face some consequences as a result of his actions. Family members have started an online social media campaign asking the Lafayette District Attorney to file additional charges against the driver. They also held a peaceful demonstration at the driver’s pre-trial earlier this month.

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